World air guitar championship!

Thousands of people gathered at the Oulu (Finland) marketplace to watch the contestants from around the world enthusiastically demonstrating their masterful command of invisible instruments.

According to the judges, musical talent is not necessary nor is the ability to play an actual guitar.

The winner is chosen for his or her ability to move around the stage playing the air guitar as skilfully and realistically as possible with marks awarded for being original and charismatic.

Each finalist had to perform twice. First with their own selection of songs and the second time they all had to perform to Rage Against the Machine’s song Without a Face.

“My strength is that I have absolutely no shame,” said Justin ‘Nordic Thunder’ Howard who had travelled from the US to take part.

His shameless performance won him second place with Veronica ‘Like Ever Gin’ Mullerova of the Czech Republic in third.

Aline ‘The Devil’s Niece’ Westphal convinced the jury with her energetic performance to Foo Fighter’s Pretender and won the championship.