Workshop: How have you been sleeping?

A Sleep Workshop entitled ‘Sleep Quality and Quality of Life – An Integrative Approach’ will be held on January 19 at the Campus Studio in Quinta do Lago, from 2pm to 6pm.

Organised by Healthy Minds Algarve Association (HMAA), “an international group of men and women re¬siding in the Algarve and striving to make a difference in our community”, the workshop will be led by Dr Karine Del Rio, who has a PhD in Psychology and has been organising different activities to create awareness on the importance of sleep in quality of life, such as seminars, workshops and sleep quality screening.

She was invited to be part of an investiga¬tion centre at the UALG (University of the Algarve) called CIEO to investigate sleep quality and mental health where she has been contributing with her research.

Topics to be covered are: the complexity of sleep behaviour (biological, so¬cial, cultural and psychological process); sleep and its functions; sleep disturbances; sleep quality and quality of life; subjective sleep quality screening; how to improve the quality of your sleep – tips; relaxation moment.

Price is €35 per person, including sleep quality assessment and relaxation moment. This workshop is the second in a series, this time focusing on adults.

To register, call 920 026 969 or email