Working to make pools safer for children

At present, there are no legally obligatory safety regulations for private swimming pools in Portugal. It is an unfortunate fact that several children under five, are lost every year in Portugal, not only from swimming pools, but lakes, dams, rivers, wells, and water storage tanks.

In the Algarve, the majority of water accidents are caused by swimming pools, both in rental and private houses. Non-fatal accidents can also cause lifelong problems such as lung infections as well as, in some cases, brain damage.

A child or toddler can drown in 30 seconds, in complete silence.

Recently more parents and holiday makers are conscious of the necessity for their children’s safety. This is especially the case when arriving at a rental villa with a pool, attention is often diverted. Rental villas are now being scrutinised by savvy family renters, for child safety aspects, primarily the child safe or fenced pool.  Recently, owners and villa companies are becoming more aware of this.

Adult supervision is always the best safeguard, with or without other systems in place. A properly installed and designed fence is, without any doubt, the best secondary device, for toddlers and children up to five years old. specialises in pool security fences and childproof gates, some fixed, others that are easy to install and remove, roll up, and store when not needed. They can be installed on terraces and garden areas.

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