Workers’ federation warns government’s deal with ‘radical left’ hanging by thread

“Geringonça” – the unlikely partnership of left-wing ideologies that snatched power from the centre-right after ‘inconclusive elections in 2015 ‘ – is poised to unravel, says union leader Arménio Carlos, who has been talking to Jornal de Negocios about the need for ‘new agreements’ that address the needs of workers and the populations.

Carlos is just the latest voice to suggest all is not well backstage in the government’s left-wing alliance.

He told JN that if the government did not initiate “significant change” in its policies, “things could get complicated”.

The reason, the paper explained, is that the initial agreement between the PCP Communists, Left Bloc and Green Party, was based on only the bare minimum of issues. These have since changed and moved on, with the moment now begging the need for new ‘deals’.

One of these centres on whether or not Portugal should ‘embrace’ oil companies desires to drill for oil and gas up and down the country (click here).

The PS seems to think this is a perfectly normal way forwards (the word normal came from a recent interview with the Minister of the Environment, who said he could see no problem with hydrocarbon exploration on national territory) whereas all the left-wing allies are dead-set against current drilling licences, for varying reasons.