Worker storms office dressed as Iron Man

An office worker in China surprised his colleagues when he arrived for work dressed in a homemade superhero costume.

Wang Kang, 25, strutted into his office in Shanghai dressed as Iron Man from the 2008 action film.

Wearing a costume made of high density foam, wires and tubes, the telecoms worker marched through his company’s corridors gathering a crowd as he went.

Mr. Kang spent three months creating the suit, which weighs almost eight stone and cost him 3,000 Yuan (£280). The impact though must have been worth it.

“No colleagues knew my mission. Some of them froze there seeing me approach. Some were even screaming in fear,” he said.

Mr Kang has since become an internet celebrity after an image of him in the costume on June 3 was posted on Chinese micro blogging site, which is similar to Twitter.