Work starts on Faro athletics track

news: Work starts on Faro athletics track

FARO’S CÂMARA has signed an agreement authorising work on a new 2.5 million euro athletics track. Work is set to begin this week.

Among those present at the ceremony were the Câmara President, José Vitorino, vice President Helena Louro, sports councillor Paulo Santos, and the president of the Algarve Athletics Association, Professor Lara Ramos. The heads of various sporting clubs and youth associations and former athlete, Ezequiel Canário, also attended the event.

José Vitorino paid tribute to those who had campaigned for the new track, describing it as “a privilege to finally turn it into reality”. Three clubs in Faro, containing a total of 160 federation athletes, are currently linked to athletics. But, in the past, some athletes have had to train in other clubs where the facilities are better.

Vitorino made a brief presentation of the new 36,000sqm arena that will be integrated into Faro’s Sports and Leisure Park and will also contain a football stadium.