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Work on your confidence with martial arts

Lifetime Martial Arts has a busy month with the students preparing for their next belt testing, which is a measure of how they have progressed in their training and attitude.

Master Frank Murphy 7th Dan will be conducting a seminar at the Karens International Dance Studio, 400m south of the bullring roundabout in Albufeira, on March 31 and has agreed to offer 10 free places to the first readers of the Algarve Resident who email [email protected]

The seminar will include a novice introduction to the martial arts world as well a preview of the new martial art/fitness system that is Kaizendo Fitness (www.kaizendofitness.com).

Weather permitting the seminar will be moved to the beach of Praia D’Oura. The seminar is free for students and family members of Lifetime Martial Arts but costs €25 to members of the public.

The students are also busy with their 100 Good Deeds challenge in March which encourages them to make better decisions on a daily basis from doing homework instead of watching TV or putting rubbish in their pocket instead of littering.

Throughout April, the martial arts group will have its anti-bullying theme and workshop, where it will discuss the importance of talking about what happens in the school yard and sharing experiences.

Ian Donnelly from Lifetime Martial Arts said: “As the children are talking and training with a Black Belt Master, they often open up and talk about things they would otherwise keep to themselves. The workshop will also include confidence building exercises that are a lot of fun.

“Our school is not just about teaching kicks and punches we are trying to help form positive, healthy and caring members of the community.”

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