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Women’s wear for where we are

Collections Ladies’ Fashions have been trading for 12 years, drawing on the experience of Alison Slater, its proprietor, an Algarve resident since 1988.

Knowing exactly what sort of clothes and fabrics we need here, Alison uses her extensive contacts in the industry to source clothes from a UK 10 to 24.

Alison told the Algarve Resident: “I have arrangements as the sole outlet for more than 20 suppliers in the Algarve, including well-known UK brands, such as Poppy, Emreco and Chianti, and take the clothes to venues from Praia da Luz to Tavira.

“My clothes are for everyday living here, and I also carry outfits for special occasions, which means that my prices start from as little as €15 for summer tops, going up to considerably more for pure silk dresses.

“One thing which I really enjoy doing is arranging fashion shows, usually for ladies’ lunch groups, using members as the models to show the full range of what is available.

“The photo alongside is from a Central Ladies’ lunch, with a silk dress at €145, but six at prices between €65 and €90,” she concluded.

Alison is always happy to hear from people wanting to give their function a new slant, so do get in touch for a chat.

All venues are advertised in the Algarve Resident every week.

For more information, please contact Alison Slater on 282 358 014 or e-mail [email protected].