Women’s Day march in support of cancer victims

A march in support of cancer victims will take part in the Tavira district for the fifth consecutive year on March 10 as part of International Women’s Day.

The event has been organised by the Algarve Oncology Association (AOA) in collaboration with the Tavira Municipality, the district’s parish councils and various patrons.

It will depart at 10am from the Praça da República in Tavira and will cover a distance of up to seven kilometres.

The objective of the event is to alert the public to the problem of cancer, especially breast cancer, which is the second biggest cause of death among women worldwide.

The march also aims to produce awareness in the population of practicing a healthy lifestyle to prevent the illness, as well as help to raise funds to build the Casa Flor das Dunas, a residence providing temporary support and shelter for oncology patients undergoing treatment in the radiotherapy unit of the Algarve.

Participants in the march are asked to support the cause by purchasing a T-shirt for €5 upon registration, which also includes water and other promotional material.

Those interested in registering for the march are advised to arrive at the starting point an hour in advance of departure to take part in warming up activities for the long walk, as well as be informed on health issues related to the prevention of cancer.

There will also be a stand where queries about nutrition and the importance of homeopathy in the different levels of the illness can be answered. Other subjects will also include reflexology and iridology (diagnosis by examination of the iris of the eye) conducted by Dra Georgina Fonseca of Centro Policlinico de Estói.

289 807 531 | www.aoa.pt