Women & Success survey launched

Women & Success, the first survey about women’s personal and professional achievements and satisfaction created in Portugal, will allow an insight into these and many other questions about women’s role in Portuguese society.

Conscious Communication, together with the University of Algarve (Social and Organisations Psychology Group, coordinated by Prof. Doutora Gabriela Gonçalves) and a team of six female entrepreneurs, created the first Portuguese survey about women and the relationship between their work and their personal satisfaction.

Women & Success is an online survey available from October 16 to November 30, to be filled in by women from all over the country. With a carefully chosen set of questions, this survey will try to help understand women’s motivations, drives and concerns in their professional lives, measure personal satisfaction with life and raise women’s awareness of their own potential and its meaning in society.

It will also raise women’s awareness about opportunities for professional development in Portugal, help them identify and unleash their potential and grow towards their success, and raise awareness and start a public discussion about these issues within society.

The main goal is to encourage women to think more deeply about themselves, observe their own behaviour and help access their personal power, focusing on areas such as: professional development, personal growth by self-awareness and self-empowerment, networking, finances, public speaking, marketing and setting up a business. Secondly it is to create a platform for women to meet and to learn, to inspire and become inspired by connecting, learning and sharing their experiences.

The first results from this survey will be presented at a conference called Women & Success to be held in early December in the Algarve, followed by an extensive programme of workshops, talks, coaching and training sessions in 2014 focused on the areas above.

The survey is available in Portuguese and English.

http://Hppsib (Portuguese)

http://goo.gl/jiwDJd (English)