Women robbed and threatened

Two Irish women were robbed and threatened with rape unless they divulged their credit card pin numbers.

The incident took place at their apartment in Vilamoura at around 6am on January 22.

According to GNR police, the offenders followed the women home, forced them to let them into the building and, once inside their apartment, beat them, threatened them with rape and stole a laptop and credit cards.

The women were beaten by the robbers, who wanted money and the codes of credit cards.

After being threatened with rape, the two women gave the codes and the assailants left.

GNR police were called to the scene and the case is now with the PJ police for investigation.

According to police, the suspects are believed to be part of a gang who have attacked tourists in Vilamoura.

A spokesman from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland told the Algarve Resident: “There was no request for assistance from the women so the Embassy was not involved in the case and is therefore unable to comment further.”

This incident has also been widely reported in the Irish press this week.