‘Women On The Edge’ are here to stay

There are many reasons to move abroad. As a life coach, I’ve noticed that amongst the group of newcomers are many women who didn’t move to retire, or for economic reasons, or for the climate. They simply moved because they felt a calling to do so! This group is ready for something exciting and new in their life.

What is typical of this group is that it doesn’t mean they have it all figured out. Yes, in general they do know what they want and how their new life should look like, but, at the same time, there are a lot of things they don’t know yet and they are curious and openminded about how things will land on their feet.

Maybe they are moving countries to attract love in their life, find a more balanced and healthier way to live, start a business or transform their passion into a meaningful contribution to the world. Whatever the reason, these women are willing to step into the unknown because they want to experience something purposeful and new. Because of all these typical aspects, I’d like to refer to this group as ‘Women On The Edge’.

Obviously, their journey is not always sunshine and rainbows. From time to time, it is challenging, confronting and, most of all, lonely. These ‘Women On The Edge’ have left their safety net behind and haven’t built up a new one yet. On top of that, they are dealing with a culture and language they are not familiar with.

Also, their friends at home don’t necessarily understand what they are going through, not on a deeper level.

As I speak with them in our Online Coffee & Conversation sessions or in person in my coaching sessions, I do get why they choose this journey though. They want to evolve! Moving abroad helps them to step out of “the old” so they can create “the new”, which includes and points to realising and manifesting the things they dream about.

‘Women On The Edge’ want to start something exciting and new, something that is a genuine contribution to the world and will help them live a purposeful life.

Hold a vision that is bigger than your fears
A big part of my work has to do with helping international women (and men) prepare themselves for the move and making sure they feel welcome, safe and supported throughout this exciting new chapter in their life from the moment they arrive. I also know that in order to feel good in their skin, women need other women to share, listen, witness and co-create.

With my Power Circles, I guide this specific group to feel empowered from within, safe within themselves and in the world, free in all aspects of their individuality, including taking up space and holding a vision for themselves that is bigger than their fears.

I’ve started this group because I wish for all women to be able to tap into their own innate power, be courageous and feel supported in showing up for themselves, while crafting their new life. 

What is a Power Circle?
A Power Circle is a support network that consists of a group of like-minded women. Its function is to plug us back in and remind us to recharge and renew. Its environment is non-judgemental: women are listened to and can share their dreams, everyday encounters, challenges and victories; It is secure, yet open, for goal setting, sounding board questions and unlocking our full potential, whether it be on a personal or business level.

Joining a Power Circle is relevant whether you’re preparing your move or have already moved, as it can help you to feel powerful and courageous to generate the changes you want to see in your life.

Women who join Power Circles are self-aware and successful. They come from diverse age groups and backgrounds. Some women are starting or growing businesses, some are redefining their roles and impact, some are dreaming and developing new possibilities for us all.

If you want to get a sense of what empowerment is and are curious about what it can do for you, I’m happy to share these ‘7 Steps to Feel Empowered’. Use them to journal, share with a friend and, most of all, to bring into practice!

7 Steps to Feel Empowered
1. Follow your impulse
Don’t overthink the one thing that keeps coming up for you; your intuition is giving you a hint to follow up on.

2. Take bold action
Jump! Leap! Get out of your comfort zone! Seize the day and figure it out as you go. The next step will appear when it’s time.

3. Don’t wait for permission  
No need to wait for “the other person” to grant you permission. Give yourself permission. Be your own leader.

4. Do things anyway
You can do this! Even if you have never done this before; just step into the unknown and trust you will land safely.

5. Allow yourself to be imperfect
Don’t be hard on yourself, life is much more fun when the bar is lowered. Besides, you’re already perfect with everything you do, think and feel.

6. Let go of control
Go with the flow! Why not allow this to unfold itself and let some good things in; things you couldn’t even image were possible for you!

7. Refire instead of retire
Keep your mind open to discover the infinite possibilities that are waiting out there for you. Doing so makes it possible to become the best version of yourself, living the life you wished for yourself. All of this will happen in a very natural and grounded way.

Check our website if you are curious to read more about the upcoming Power Circles starting in October.

By Ria van Doorn
|| [email protected]

Ria van Doorn is a life coach for internationals living abroad and founder of the Expat Centre Portugal.