Woman whose body was found in burnt out camper “may have already been dead”

The woman whose body was found in a burnt-out camper in a remote area near São Bartolomeu de Messines earlier this week “may have been dead before she was placed in the van”.

There seems little doubt that her husband/ partner killed her (click here). It is just how she died that is waiting for the results of an autopsy to establish.

The circumstances in which 55-year-old Teresa Janeirinho met her horrible death are becoming increasingly clear today.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã explains she was involved in a “discussion” with her husband/ partner (nationality still unspecified) who inflicted “visible aggressions” on her with a stick.

“The husband was seen by a local person dragging the woman, already inanimate, inside the vehicle”.

As the eye-witness account goes, he then appeared to set light to the campervan.

The autopsy will determine whether Teresa Janeirinho died of smoke inhalation, or from the horrible injuries that were still patently visible in spite of the burns to her body.

Meantime, the husband/ partner has appeared in Portimão court and remanded in preventive custody pending trial.

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