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Woman taken into custody after husband found dead “with knife in throat”

A 40-year-old woman is reported to be in custody today and due to go before magistrates after her husband’s body was found with a knife sticking in his throat.

The woman is understood to have told police it was a case of suicide, but the fact that forensic evidence “rules out the claim”, and the woman’s four children were in the family home at the time, saw her taken into custody yesterday evening, reports Correio da Manhã.

Running with the headline: “Kills husband in front of four children”, the tabloid claims to have been alerted to the incident in Rua Angelina Vidal, Graça, Lisbon, early on Wednesday morning.

“But the woman would not open the door,” the paper continues.

PJ detectives and forensic teams then worked on the property during the day.

The children involved are two teenagers, described as the woman’s children from a previous liaison, and a three year old and five year old, the fruit of the current relationship.

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