Woman swallows 78 items of cutlery.jpg

Woman swallows 78 items of cutlery

When Margaret Daalman went to hospital complaining of stomach pain, it took one look at an x-ray to explain the “aches”.

Surgeons were shocked to discover 78 pieces of cutlery in the 52-year-old’s stomach; she was then rushed to surgery to have the forks and spoons removed one by one.

The woman, from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, was said to be suffering from a condition sometimes referred to as pica where individuals may crave and ingest non-food substances or an unusual quantity or selection of food commodities.  The phenomenon, considered a form of self-harm, is difficult for physicians to diagnose as the damage is not always obvious.

Medics revealed it wasn’t the first time Margaret had been treated for eating cutlery.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk