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Woman killed as man goes on rampage in truck


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A woman was killed and seven people injured, two seriously, when a 21-year old man drove a stolen truck into a crowded pavement outside café in Lagos on Saturday morning.

The truck had been on a 15-minute rampage, pursued by police, and the incident was only brought to an end by the actions of a brave customer at the café.

A 54-year old male nurse jumped onto the side of the cab and grabbed the wheel from the driver, injuring his leg as he ended up trapped between the truck and a wall.

It is certain that had it not been for this swift action, the number of people injured would have been far greater.

All the injured were treated in Lagos hospital. A 49-year old woman and three men, aged 44, 52 and 58, were discharged later in the day.

A 76-year old woman remains in hospital, in a coma and is said to be fighting for her life. The hero nurse also remains in hospital.

Also injured was a 25-year old male PSP officer, who was involved in the chase.

The woman who died at the scene, and who has not been named, was a 46-year old bank clerk and the wife of a police officer.

Her body was transported immediately to the Coroner’s office in Portimão.

The 21-year old driver was taken to Portimão hospital where he received treatment for light wounds and was alcohol and drug tested.

He was then arrested and taken to Portimão PSP police station.

The drama began mid-morning when the 21-year old jumped into a large truck that had just arrived at the site where he was working and drove off.

Lagos PSP were called and a police car immediately began chasing the truck, with both vehicles speeding through the streets of Lagos for some 15 minutes from the Mercado do Levante before coming to a deadly halt at the Café Cantina in the Mercado de Santo Amaro.

Some reports said officers fired into the cab, although the police refused to comment on this, before the chase ended when the truck smashed into a coffee shop, hitting people sitting outside having breakfast.

PSP Commissioner Jorge Carneiro said: “The officers did everything they could to stop the vehicle but they were unable due to its immense size”.

He said that during the chase seven passenger vehicles and a motorbike were heavily damaged, with one destroyed.

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