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Woman killed and seven injured in truck rampage in Lagos


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A 21-year old man has been remanded in custody after a 15-minute truck rampage in Lagos on Saturday ended when it crashed into a wall outside a café, leaving one woman dead and seven other people injured.

The truck, which he is said to have stolen from his workplace, was pursued by police and the incident was only brought to an end by the actions of a brave man on the scene.

The 54-year old male stretcher bearer, Hélder Santos, seeing the 20-tonne truck approaching for the second time as he tended the woman who had died, jumped onto the side of the moving cab and grabbed the wheel, injuring his leg as he ended up trapped between the truck and the wall.

All the injured were treated in Lagos hospital. A 49-year old woman and three men, aged 44, 52 and 58, were discharged later the same day.

A 76-year old woman remains in hospital in a coma, and is said to be fighting for her life. The hero nurse was discharged late on Saturday evening.

Also injured was a 25-year old male PSP officer, who was involved in the chase. The officer had also attempted to jump the cab but was shaken off.

The woman killed, Rosa Patrício, was a 46-year old bank clerk and the wife of a GNR officer. The truck drove straight at her on a zebra crossing, killing her instantly.

Her body was taken to the Coroner’s office in Portimão. Her funeral was held on Wednesday in Barão de São João.

The driver, João Soares Martins, was taken to Portimão hospital where he received treatment for light wounds and was alcohol and drug tested. He was then arrested and taken to Portimão PSP police station.

Truck chase

The drama began mid-morning when the 21-year old jumped into a large truck that had just arrived at the site where he was working and drove off.

Lagos PSP were called and three police cars immediately began chasing the truck, with all vehicles speeding through the streets of Lagos for some 15 minutes from the Mercado do Levante before coming to a deadly halt at the Café Cantina in the Mercado de Santo Amaro.

The man was apprehended and quickly removed from the scene.

PSP Commissioner Jorge Carneiro said: “The officers did everything they could to stop the vehicle but they were unable to due to its immense size.”

He said that during the chase seven passenger vehicles and a motorbike were badly damaged, with one completely destroyed.


On Monday morning, after hearing the driver’s testimony in Portimão court, judge Pedro Frias and public prosecutor Madelena Marum informed him of his bail conditions.

With counts of manslaughter, attempted murder and theft, amongst others, João Martins, was remanded in custody and driven away to Silves prison where he will remain, awaiting his court hearing.

Court officials reminded reporters that the counts and subsequent bail measures could be minimised should the young man’s lawyer plead ‘young delinquent status’, applicable to youths aged 16-21.

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