Woman gets top job in Portugal’s Armed Forces

It is billed as a “significant step in women’s integration into the military”: Portugal is to see a woman take up the post of General in the Armed Forces – in this case, the Air Force, explains Observador website.

But before we get too excited, sources at the Ministry of Defence cannot confirm when this appointment will be made, nor who will be getting it.

For now, it is just a ‘groundbreaking announcement’, as never before has a woman been promoted this high up the ranks.

Quoting Visão magazine, Observador says MP João Rebelo (PSD) confirms the job will go to “one of three women” who now hold the rank of colonel.

The news comes hot on the heels of president Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s appointment of Lt. Colonel Diná Azevedo as his Air Force advisor – again a landmark nomination.

According to Defence ministry data, there are 3,620 women in the Portuguese armed forces – and the Air Force was the first to start accepting women in 1988.

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