Woman found dead in Faro hairdressers “in scene of great violence”

A 68-year-old woman has been found dead today (Thursday) inside a Faro hairdresser’s in a scenario “showing clear signs of violence”.

Everything points to the victim having been murdered.

The alert was sounded by neighbours who said they hadn’t seen the victim for ‘some days’.

PSP agents sought her first at her home address, where they found various rooms looking as though they had been turned upside down, and indications of forced entry.

The agents then went to the woman’s hairdressing salon in Rua do Montepio, where the door was shut, but “just on the latch”.

It was there they discovered the body of Maria de Fátima Nascimento – a woman described by shocked friends and neighours as “happy and good humoured”.

PJ police called to the scene have removed various trace evidence. It is understood there was quite a bit of blood on the floor and ‘footprints’ within it.

It’s not clear when exactly the crime will have taken place.

The hairdresser’s is around 100 metres from local professional school D. Francisco Gomes Avelar.

Updates to follow.

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