Woman found dead after burglars raid Alenquer home

A 42-year-old woman died following a violent burglarly in the home she shared with her father in the borough of Alenquer. According to reports, two men burst into the house in the early hours of this morning, forced the father at gunpoint to open the safe and then locked him in a room. The last he saw of his daughter, she was bound and gagged. The men made off with the contents of the safe (around €10,000 in cash). An autopsy will now take place to discover how the daughter died. The case is in the hands of PJ police. UPDATE: Since this story went up online, the identities of the victims have been revealed. Rita Cipriano was a teacher. It appears that her death came from asphyxia. She was bound and gagged and left on her stomach, which may have caused her death.