Woman forced to drink bleach

TWO MASKED men in Silves have robbed a 43-year-old woman, forcing her to drink from a bottle of bleach she had just bought. The woman had just left a supermarket in Moinhos do Algoz last Saturday, when the men approached her and demanded money. Both were unarmed and in their mid-twenties.

The incident took place at 11.15am, shortly after the woman had withdrawn money from an ATM machine. “One of the men told me to give him everything in my bag and I refused,” she said. The two men then forced her to drink from a 2.5 litre bottle of bleach, but she managed to avoid swallowing the liquid. The thieves made off with an envelope containing 245 euros in cash.

The victim managed to phone her two sons, who came to her rescue. She was transported to Barlavento Hospital, where she was later discharged after undergoing observations.