Woman escapes alleged rape attack in Lagos

A 26-year-old Austrian woman escaped an alleged rape attack shortly after arriving in Lagos on holiday with two friends.

The attack happened at night in the centre of Lagos at the start of September.

According to national tabloid Correio da Manhã, a 22-year-old man started following the woman in his car “while he masturbated”.

He then got out and tried to force her into his car while he undressed her.

The woman, whose clothes were described as “completely ripped”, was able to free herself and alert her friends by screaming.

The suspect, who lives in Lagos and is apparently unemployed, was identified and later arrested by PJ police. According to CM, he has a history of sexual crimes.

He has already been heard in court but the ‘medidas de coação’ (which determine whether he is released or kept under arrest) have not yet been announced.

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