Woman dies in hospital after being gunned down by husband in Coimbra

A 59-year-old woman has died in hospital after being gunned down in a main street in Figueiró dos Vinhos (Coimbra) by her abusive husband. Maria Madalena Guedes had only just moved out of the couple’s home and made complaints of domestic violence to the GNR. She was on her way to the post office to change her address when she was shot three times, in the head, stomach and chest.

PJ police are investigating, while the husband – named as Armando Abreu – was caught as he tried to make his getaway through the town on foot.

GNR police on his tail are understood to have fired a warning shot in the air, to alert the “fugitive” that they were after him, reports national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

The man ducked into a shop, tried to close the door and, when he couldn’t, is understood to have asked the shopkeeper to take hold of his money-belt, in which he had hidden the “illegal 6.35mm transformed pistol” that he is believed to have fired at his wife.

Shopkeeper Idalina Nunes had no idea what Abreu was meant to have done, but got such a shock with the GNR’s arrival that she had to be treated in hospital, adds CM.

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