Woman cleaner betrays employer in robbery plot

An 85-year old man was robbed in a cunning and heartless plot devised by his cleaner and care worker whom he had faithfully employed for many years.

She hatched a plan with a couple, aged 36 and 32, to steal the victim’s gold items as well as his pin numbers for his bank cards by carrying out a semi-theatrical assault.

As the man walked home accompanied by the woman, they were approached by the two robbers who forced them both into the victim’s house in Pêra, Silves.

Inside, they bullied the old man with threats to his family and carried out a simulated assault on the care worker which scared her employer into submission.

Although the elderly man was physically pushed around, he was not seriously injured.

The robbers then ran away and withdrew sums of money from the victim’s bank account.

In order to fool the police, the care worker filed a complaint. However, she was unable to outwit the authorities who discovered she had also withdrawn money from her employer’s account.

The suspects were detained by the Portimão criminal police (PJ) and appeared in court in Silves last week to await further legal action.