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Woman ‘carjacked’ in Lisbon and dumped on rubbish tip 45 kms away

Police are trying to understand whether the latest Lisbon carkjacking is part of a wider series of crimes affecting women. On Monday, the third woman in 18 months was taken prisoner by hooded men as she got into her Audi A4 car. Purportedly threatened with death, she was driven 45 kms away before being dumped on a refuse tip, as the men made off with her vehicle and personal belongings.

The assailants’ modus operandi was similar to that of two other crimes registered in the Lisbon area since August 2015, writes national tabloid Correio da Manhã, adding that for now, police have very little to go on by way of the attackers’ descriptions.

The woman called for help from the rubbish tip and was described as in “complete panic”.

PJ criminal police are in charge of the case, and will be interviewing the woman in greater detail later this week.

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