Woman awarded €120,000 for life-altering surgical accident

A woman who went into hospital for the removal of a nodule, and came out unable to go the lavatory naturally has finally been awarded €120,000.

The 41-year-old began her fight for justice aged just 32.

In other words, it has taken nearly 10 years of her life to be compensated for a medical error that left her severely depressed and “with difficulties approaching the opposite sex”.

Even worse, the money awarded by the Supreme Tribunal of Justice is €155,000 less than the damages the woman was seeking.

According to Correio da Manhã, the story began when the woman was diagnosed with rectovaginal endometriosis – the most severe form of endometriosis presenting multiple very uncomfortable problems.

She underwent an operation the following July to “remove a nodule”, and since that time she has been incapable of either urinating or defecating naturally – having instead to use a catheter and colostomy bag.

The situation has left the woman with psychosexual issues. She has never had children and finds it difficult to ‘enjoy life’, the court heard.

She feels inhibited from “going to the beach, to a pool or practicing sport”.

Judges agreed that the woman suffered “grievous consequences” as a result of the operation, condemning the doctor who performed it, the hospital and two insurance companies into paying her €120,000.

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