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Image by Jürgen from Pixabay

Woman attacks cabin crew as plane lands in Faro

Passenger is thought to have been drunk on the flight

A woman was arrested after reportedly attacking two flight attendants on an easyJet plane which had departed from Gatwick and was about to land at Faro Airport on December 20.

One of the cabin crew members even had their arm bitten by the woman during the attack as they landed, said a source cited by UK tabloid The Sun.

The unprovoked attack left the flight attendants – a woman and a man – with a “bloody mouth, chipped tooth, swollen face and black eye” as they were both “repeatedly punched in the stomach, arm and face,” the tabloid adds.

It is thought the passenger may have been drunk on the flight, adds The Sun.

Airport staff is said to have held the passenger until arrived to arrest her.

An easyJet spokesman said: “easyJet is aware of this disruptive passenger incident upon landing in Faro, which was extremely distressing for the crew and passengers onboard. The police were called to assist the crew in dealing with the incident and arrested the passenger.

“We will not tolerate threatening or violent behaviour towards our crew or passengers and are doing all possible to support the crew members who were subject to this unacceptable behaviour. The safety and wellbeing of our passengers and crew is easyJet’s highest priority,” the spokesperson added.

PSP police also confirmed that they were called to the airport.

Said the police force, the passenger was “visibly altered” and was not making sense when she spoke.

“She was given immediate assistance and was taken to Faro Hospital, with police escort, where she had further medical assistance. The passenger’s family was always aware of the situation and on December 21 she was discharged from the Hospital.

“The police report was sent to the Prosecutor and the situation is under criminal investigation,” PSP police added.

By Michael Bruxo