With the UK airbridge comes an Indian Algarvian summer!

After what felt like a lifetime, Portugal’s effort throughout the Covid-19 pandemic was finally recognised. There was a collective sigh of relief on August 20 when the UK government added Portugal to its list of ‘safe travel’ corridors. Now isn’t the time to reflect on the summer months gone by but to look forward to the opportunities that this decision has given us.

The boost we needed
Many tourists were waiting with their fingers crossed for this news and thankfully got to enjoy their late-August vacations. Now we are already seeing a last-minute rush for September holidays, which will make a huge and positive difference to Algarve tourism.

That’s not all – there is also an increased demand for availability into October, so it looks like an Indian summer in the Algarve is a popular choice for those seeking sun in this challenging year. Our SandyBlue ‘longer-stay’ concept is also proving hugely popular right now, following the intense lockdown period. People are looking for an extended period of relaxation after this huge shift in ‘normal’ life and the Algarve is definitely the place to provide this.

With so many amazing villa options still available, we expect to see this surge in enquiries continue. Competition for those dream villas will be high in September and October!

While this uplift is great to see, there is still work to be done to show holidaymakers that it is not too late to enjoy the Algarve. Many people have got their plans in place, but others just need that extra push to show them a great holiday is still achievable in 2020.

Reassurance is integral to success
Algarve tourism must do more than rely on the travel corridor alone. There are many factors to highlight in order to see a further boost in late summer tourists.

In the UK, September signals the end of the summer months as Autumn approaches. They should know that in Portugal the sun continues to shine, and the weather is still fantastic for months to come. While it might not reach the temperatures of July and August, tourists can still soak up the sun and enjoy cooler evenings.

There is also the added benefit of beaches, bars and restaurants being quieter than the peak season. Plus, the introduction of the ‘Clean & Safe’ stamp allows people to find accommodation and places to go without worry. One of our recent guests shared some insight: “I am here currently and feel so much safer than at home. So glad we decided to come out…we have gained a wonderful holiday away.”

Open for all
Whatever the time of year, the Algarve is a beautiful place to be. With our doors fully open once more, we want everyone to know that they will stay open. I think I speak for many business owners in the region when I say we can’t wait to welcome more UK tourists back to the Algarve!

By Joe Mountain
|| [email protected]

Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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