With lockdown in sight, flights in and out of Faro reduce to bare minimum

Flights in and out of Faro airport have reduced to a bare minimum as the hours count down to Portugal’s looming national lockdown.

Today, there is only one flight scheduled, leaving Faro at 6pm for Berlin.

Tomorrow there are three, leaving for Lisbon, Amsterdam and Zurich.

Some days, there will be no commercial flights at all, a source has confirmed, although the airport will remain open. 

Private charters in other words will be free to come and go. But anyone hoping to fly to UK, will have to do so via Lisbon – and even Lisbon is proving erratic.

Today’s one and only flight to London, Stansted airport (operated by Ryanair) has been cancelled. 

Porto too is still showing a series of flights – but everything is limited, and flights to UK non-existent.

Airlines expected to keep up some kind of service to UK are TAP and British Airways. One TAP flight from UK did arrive in Lisbon this afternoon, for instance.

The situation is likely to remain like this for the duration of the lockdown (expected to be at least one month).

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