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Winterwood by Patrick McCabe is out in paperback at 12.50 euros.

This is a new, chilling and highly original novel from the prize-winning author of The Butcher Boy, which was short listed for the Booker Prize.

Winterwood won the Irish Novel of the Year 2006 and is a mix of domestic drama, folk-tale and fantasy.

Once, in Kilburn, married to the sugar-lipped Catherine and sharing his daughter Immy’s passion for the enchanted kingdom of Winterwood, Redmond Hatch was happy. But then infidelity, betrayal and the ‘scary things’ from which he would protect his daughter steal into the magic kingdom and bad things begin to happen.

Now Redmond, once little Red, prowls the barren outlands alone, haunted by the disgraced shade of Ned Strange, a fiddler and teller of tales from his home in the mountainous middle of Ireland.