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Winter warmth

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Sleep is a luxury we can all afford. The best way to start every day is by waking with the feeling of sublime luxury, and I personally count my blessings every morning.

What do I recommend for a wonderful sleep and this great wake up experience?
At this time of year, when the cold has crept into the Algarve, and even occasionally left a coating of frost outside, we can wake up warm, cosy and oh so cossetted that we simply don’t want to get up.

What brings luxury to a bed?
On top of my mattress, I have a latex memory foam topper, it doesn’t need to be a super thick one, modern quality toppers are often 4 or 5 cm deep and have Tencel or bamboo covers. On the plus side Tencel and bamboo are thermally regulated so from a practical point of view this gives you year-round comfort, always at the right temperature.

Partial photo of a mattress with a latex memory foam topper with Tencel covers

In the colder winter months I add a quilted mattress protector to my topper for extra softness and my favourite bed linen is a 400-thread count, which is also great for year-round use. A good fitted sheet will keep everything in place too.

Partial image of a quilted mattress protector on a bed

On top of the bed, I use a duvet and personally prefer the feeling of the 4.5 tog. Adding more weight is proven to help us sleep so I use a bedspread, which provides an extra tog of warmth. My favoured duvet is of quality Microfibre with a soft satin feel cover. There are also cotton covered microfibre and feather duvets in 4.5 tog to match your preference.

Pillows are also a personal choice and my preference is to have a soft feather and down mix pillow and a second pillow made with a nice quality fibre filling that is a bit more supportive.

Photo of a bedroom with a bed made for winter

Quality bedding does not have to be expensive and you can check the quality by reading the product label – if it allows for washing up to 60º the quality will always be there. An interesting fact is that cotton gets softer after a few washes as it literally breaks down the yarn.

Whatever you choose, be sure to wake up in luxury at affordable prices from We have a full winter stock in store and can deliver to your door free of charge in the Algarve!

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