Winter storms threaten popular seaside camping site

DESPITE THE thousands of euros spent on coastal defences at the seaside resort of Costa da Caparica near Lisbon last year, recent storms are threatening to flood part of the town.

Setúbal Câmara and Instituto da Água, the water institute, worked around the clock over the weekend repairing and bolstering the existing battered costal defences.

The stretch of coast most at risk are the sand dunes situated to the north of Costa da Caparica, which have been at risk of being breached in the past few days.

“If the existing defences are breached then the sea could flood the neighbouring camp sites, which is why we have been reinforcing them this week,” said Setúbal Civil Governor, Teresa Almeida.

Because of the danger of the sand dunes being washed away in that part of the resort, which lies in the Almada District of Greater Lisbon, the Maritime Police has sealed off 600 metres of coast extending between the camp site and the Búzio bar.

The Civil Governor of Setúbal visited the site on Saturday afternoon and said it was urgent that works were carried out to reinforce the sand dunes because further storms were predicted later in the week.

Teresa Almeida said, “I have contacted the Minister of the Environment, who has given the green light to go ahead with the works.”

At the time of going to press, the Instituto de Água began reinforcing the area to protect the chain of sand dunes and camp sites.

Luísa Branco, Vice President of Instituto de Água said that by Monday the necessary machinery and equipment would be on site and a thorough evaluation of the area would be carried out to reinforce the sand dunes.

This would be done by dumping large quantities of sand in the areas most at risk along the chain of sand dunes.