Winter Fuel allowance

Dear Editor,

Since you published my letter last week seeking signatures for my on-line petition to Gordon Brown (to pay the allowance to pensioners who left UK before 1998 as well as to those who left after that date), many people have signed the petition and we are getting near the target of 200 signatures. I am most grateful for this support.

I have also been asked by quite a number of people, who want to sign the petition but do not own or have access to a computer, how they can join the petition. The best thing for people who don’t have that possibility is to write their own letter to – The Prime Minister, 10 Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA – heading it Winter Fuel Allowance. This will be an effective way of getting the message across. The more people who write the better.

The deadline remains February 22 and the link is

Norman Walker, Moncarapacho