Winning ways in 2007


The second half of the season got under way accompanied by warm sunny conditions, resulting in all five home teams winning.

Tavira Tigers continued their excellent season with a 70-37 win over Vilamoura, sweeping all seven points. Over at Clube Praia D’Oura, the home club beat the VDL Jackals by 65-29, also taking the seven point maximum.

PDF Crusaders entertained the Alvor Gladiators, winning by 28 shots (68-40) and taking six points to the Gladiators one. Alvor Greens got back to winning ways with a 57-41 victory over the VDL Wolves, earning five points in the process. Finally, the Harlequins ran up 74 shots to 40 for the PDF Sinners, thereby taking the full seven points available.

The overall situation now looks as follows: the Tigers stay on top with 50 points, closely followed by Praia D’Oura on 47 and the ever present Greens on 44.

Harlequins also stay well in contention with a total of 43 points. PDF Crusaders have 36 points, then there is a gap to Gladiators on 31 and Vilamoura on 30. VDL Wolves and Jackals each have 28 points, though the Wolves have a better shot difference. PDF Sinners currently bring up the rear on 24 points, though there are still lots of games to play and loads of points on offer.

Meanwhile, the knock-out competitions are getting down to the interesting stage and I hope to bring you all a report on these very soon.