Wine tastings and “much more” at Única Adega Cooperativa in Lagoa

A group of students from the University of the Algarve is organising a major wine tasting event at the wine cellars of ÚNICA Adega Cooperativa in Lagoa on April 18 and 19.

Featuring a selection of regional wines, the event will also boast a number of other activities, such as guided tours to the wine cellars, a handicraft, gastronomy and regional products fair, liqueurs and medronho tastings, as well as a number of concerts and entertainment for children.

Musical performances will feature Rancho Folclórico do Calvário, Tunabebes and Beto Kalulu e Banda on Saturday, and Zé Maria e Amigos, Pedro Frias Trio and Daddy Jack Band on Sunday.

Those who wish to learn how to cook a delicious cataplana – a shellfish stew cooked in a typically Portuguese copper clam-shaped pot – or the Spanish favourite paella are also invited to sign up for a workshop with Chef Abílio Catarina. It will take place on Sunday at 11.30am at a cost of €10.

The event will be open between midday and 1am on the first day and 11am and midnight on the closing day.

Entry is free, but to taste the wines you must purchase a wine glass for €5. If you return the glass at the end of the event you will get €1.5 back.

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