Wine, food and art at Tchin Tchin!

Wine, food and art at Tchin Tchin!

Estômbar winery Arvad hosts gastronomic event

A gastronomic event entitled ‘Tchin Tchin!’ will be held at Arvad Wine in Estômbar (Lagoa) on Saturday (May 21), between 4pm and 9pm.

Described as a “celebration of life, pleasures and the senses through unique wines”, the event will shine the spotlight on the local winemaker’s wines, regional food and art.

In fact, two chefs will be serving mouth-watering dishes made using exclusively regional products.

Also planned is a series of mini-lectures focusing on Arvad wines, as well as a “gastro-performance” called ‘With Sal’, described as a performative showcooking event focusing on edible art in which participants will be offered a delicacy created by chef/artist Nuno Carrusca.

The programme also features a “harmonisation of Arvad wines with perfumes by internationally-awarded perfumer Miguel Matos”, a Fado recital featuring Tatiana Pinto, Tiago Valentim and Filipe Valentim, several live artistic performances and a DJ set.

The event is organised by cultural association Bóia. Tickets cost €50 per person (+351 919 289 380 | [email protected]).