Wine: Arinto from Barranco Longo

The Barranco Longo winery near Algoz is one of the trailblazers of Algarve wine producers. They were probably the first producer in the region to get their wines featured on restaurant wine lists in Lisbon. I recall seeing them in Lisbon over 10 years ago.

The wines have always been consistently good and this new Arinto varietal is an excellent example. This is not technically new wine as they have been making an Arinto varietal since 2020, but this restyled label only appeared last year.

This is a true expression of the variety. Trademark citric aromas come to the front with underlying vegetal hints; a slightly creamy texture in the mouth comes from battonâge, but this is not an oaked wine having aged in stainless steel; great acidity gives it excellent ageing potential. Right now, it is young and fresh, a perfect wine to pair with grilled fish. €12.95 at Apolónia.

By Patrick Stuart

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