Lacrau Chardonnay

Wine – A Chardonnay to look out for

Lacrau Wines of the Douro region, with the scorpion on the label (‘lacrau’ is the name commonly given to scorpions in Portuguese), are widely available. They make very good value-for-money wines, mostly costing under €10 in shops along with a few premium labels.

You can pick up a bottle of the very decent (but nothing special) Sauvignon Blanc at Apolónia for less than €7.

But this Chardonnay, priced exactly the same, is not available in supermarkets or wine shops as the production was fairly small, but it can be found on the wine lists of many restaurants.

Chardonnay, of course, has had a lot of bad rap over recent years, mostly as a result of the artificially oaky plonk served in pubs. This one, however, is a wine to change your mind if you think you don’t like Chardonnay.

The wine is un-oaked, clean and fresh, with lovely floral notes on the nose mingling with white fruit. In the mouth, the wine has the mineral steeliness of a nice Chablis, leading to a long finish. Given the very reasonable retail price, this wine is also very affordable in restaurants and well worth looking out for.

By Patrick Stuart
[email protected]