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Windows for the future

INÊS HARTENSTEIN Lda, located in Vila Nova de Milfontes, offers new generation PVC doors and windows alongside its existing wood and aluminium ranges. The company sells and fits all types of windows, doors, fly screens, shutters and blinds.

Its new range of PVC doors and windows are a revelation in the industry. The mixture of raw materials used in creating the structures ensure their durability, meaning that they are happy withstanding the extreme weather conditions of Portuguese summers and winters.

With optimum thermal insulation, IH Lda’s products will save you money by keeping the heat in in the winter and letting it out in the summer. You will also be helping the environment when you purchase a door or window from IH Lda, as their products are made from recyclable PVC.

If safety is an issue, you can put your mind at rest. The advanced systems used have multiple locks surrounding the frames, stainless steel reinforcements within the frame and the A1 security glass mean that nothing and no one is getting through your door or window.

If all that wasn’t enough, they are easy to clean, available in a variety of colours and come in 22 different designs for you to choose from. The work carried out by IH Lda has a five-year guarantee, which covers the products, construction, fitting and maintenance.

• IH Lda can be found at Rua Custódio Brás Pacheco, nº 39, in Vila Nova de Milfontes. Tel 283 996 485, 966 333 053 or Fax 283 996 241. IH Lda also has branches in Borba, Carrasqueira, Torres Vedras and Beja.