Wind, rain, storms and even SNOW

Wind, rain, storms and even SNOW…

Portuguese weather is deteriorating big-time for Christmas. Wind, rain, storms, snow and ice-cold temperatures are all forecast, with not-so-jolly Christmas health bulletins warning of an “historic” chill, and recommending that everyone wrap up warmly and drink soup.

In the Algarve, temperatures are expected to drop below zero in a number of areas, and a total of 18 districts have been placed on orange alert – that’s the 3rd most serious on the colour scale – with waves of between 5 and 7 metres expected, particularly along the west coast.

Sintra, one of the nation’s coldest spots, has already recorded below zero temperatures at various points this year, but on Monday, Aljezur in the Algarve plunged to a miserable 2.5º below zero, and the sombre picture is set to continue.

Cristina Simões of IPMA (institute of sea and atmosphere) told Público that the bad weather will prolong after Christmas, and although there will be a slight increase in temperature due to the rain, this will drop sharply once again by Friday (27th).