Wild dogs in Porches “start approaching hotels”

A pack of wild dogs that has been running amok in Porches for years is now “approaching hotels” and sparking renewed concerns.

Residents and locals fear attacks could follow, though for now, the problem is simply one of health and hygiene.

Explained parish president Luís Bentes, the animals “forage in rubbish bins” for food, and make a lot of noise in the night.

Traps laid by the authorities have caught nothing, as animal lovers spring them, he told us, and then feed the dogs – at least one of which is currently on heat.

The pack is usually found near Intermarché supermarket and the Cepsa fuel station, but has recently started moving around the Palmeiras Village and Terrace Club holiday resorts, Bentes added.

He stressed the council is trying to get an estimate from the local vet as to how much it will cost to sterilise the animals, and then new traps will be laid in a bid to catch them.

The end plan is either to find homes for the pack, or release the dogs back onto the streets – this time unable to reproduce and continue the problem.

By MICHAEL BRUXO [email protected]