Wild boars out of control in Arrábida

The “uncontrolled” proliferation of wild boars in Serra da Arrábida, Setúbal, is worrying local communities who warn that the animals are “destroying protected flora, agricultural fields and gardens” and turning over rubbish bins on nearby beaches when food runs short in the forest.

“The situation is out of control,” the president of the Azeitão parish council, Celestina Neves, told Público newspaper.

She warned the animals seem to be increasingly “audacious”, losing their fear of humans and moving in closer to people’s properties.

There are believed to be around 400 wild boars roaming the Arrábida mountain range, according to data from the Nature and Forest Conservation Institute (ICNF) provided to the Azeitão parish council.

João Carvalho from the national hunting association (ANPPC) told Público that eight wild boars have already been put down with the green light from the Azeitão parish council, ICNF and GNR.

He added that there are plans to start setting traps this summer so the animals can be put down “in the most dignified way possible” or released in areas where the boars already roam as well as hunting areas.