Maria de Jesus Rendeiro in the company of her husband (centre), now a fugitive from justice

Wife of fugitive ‘bankster’ João Rendeiro arrested

Maria de Jesus Rendeiro, the ‘faithful trustee’ of an art collection that has been plundered by her fugitive husband, was today arrested to ensure she doesn’t leave the country.

The furore over João Rendeiro’s disdain for Portuguese ‘justice’ has ratched up various notches.

Mrs Rendeiro only appeared before Judge Tânia Loureiro Gomes last Friday – too emotional and distraught to actually answer the questions piling up (click here).

At the time, the judge suspended the audience, “leaving decisions to a later date”, said SIC television news.

That later date came this morning.

Explains SIC, “authorities believe there is a danger of flight by Maria de Jesus Rendeiro, bearing in mind her husband is in parts uncertain, escaping justice”.

But while Mrs Rendeiro has been answering questions in court at Lisbon’s Campus de Justiça, authorities have mounted searches on the homes of Mr Rendeiro’s former driver Florêncio Almeida, and his father of the same name, who happens to be the president of taxi driver’s association ANTRAL.

In all 17 searches are underway as authorities appear to have woken up to intrigue that has been allowed to playout over the last decade behind protracted legal maneuvering.

In all Mr Rendeiro faces three jail terms, all of them after being found guilty of fraud and corruption regarding the collapse of BPP.

He left the country a little over a month ago, claiming he will fight his convictions through international courts “as there is a Law above what is considered in Portugal to be Law” (click here).