Widow of Ukranian “tortured and beaten to death” at Lisbon airport demands €230,000 compensation

The widow of a Ukranian tortured and beaten to death in Lisbon airport in March has filed a claim for compensation against the Portuguese State for €230,000.

Explain reports, Ihor Homenyuk’s widow is taking advantage of Portuguese legislation (law nº 104/ 2009) which rules that family members must be indemnified in these situations.

According to TVI 24 there is no doubt that Ihor Homenyuk was “tortured and beaten to death” in the installations of SEF borders agency at Lisbon airport on March 12, after arriving with friends on a tourist visa from Turkey (click here).

“The results of an autopsy, an anonymous letter and CCTV images were decisive for PJ police” who arrested three SEF inspectors within two weeks of the incident, said the news channel.

The three men have been under house ever since.

The scandal also saw the top brass at SEF’s base in Lisbon resign.

The ‘original story’ emerging over Homenyuk’s death was that he had ‘died of natural causes’ after suffering an epileptic attack.

This quickly developed however – and the case was widely publicised in the Ukranian press as a ‘cover up’.

By the time the SEF inspectors were arrested, terrible details of how Homenyuk died had been splashed over the media.

The lawyer representing the dead man’s wife intimated early on that she would be seeking compensation, not just from the three men cited for her husband’s death but from the Portuguese State as well (click here).

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