Widow of man killed in Sri Lanka terror attacks returns to Portugal

Sílvia Ramos, the widow of 31-year-old Rui Lucas who was killed in the Sri Lanka terror attacks last weekend, has returned to Portugal, having arrived at Lisbon Airport on Tuesday morning.

New horrifying details reveal that the bombing that claimed her husband’s life happened right in front of her.

The newlyweds – who had married just eight days before – were reportedly having breakfast at the Kingsbury hotel when Rui got up to get more food while Sílvia stayed at the table. One of the suicide bombers was standing in the queue when the bombs went off, killing Rui. Sílvia was unharmed.

“She told me it happened very fast. She said that he got up and, shortly after, there was an explosion. The room filled with smoke. Then she saw Rui. He was dead in front of her,” a man described as a “family friend” told Correio da Manhã newspaper.

Sílvia Ramos has already returned to Portugal. The Portuguese government says it is working to retrieve Rui Lucas’ body so that his family can proceed with funeral arrangements.