Widespread corruption in justice system unfounded

In what must be one of the funniest headlines for the day, Lusa reports that ‘widespread corruption in the justice system is unfounded’. This is the news agency’s take on the words of José Sousa Lameira, vice-president of the Supreme Judicial Council (CSM), who welcomed 39 young judges to the 36th Judges Training Course today, saying: “”It is the opinion of many that Portugal is living in a context of an ineffective Justice system in the fight against corruption and the widespread perception of corruption is the most evident sign of this ineffectiveness of Justice. The perception – often unfounded and without reason – of generalised corruption, now extended to the justice system itself in general and to judges in particular, threatens confidence in democracy, putting the democratic system itself at stake”. Looking carefully, the headline is a little deceptive: corruption clearly exists, and the Justice system is suffering because of it.