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Why winter sun benefits the body and soul

The post-summer blues are an often-discussed topic. When the summer comes to a close and tourists return to their usual routine, the yearning for an extra holiday becomes particularly strong in the Autumn and Winter months.

However, it is part of a much wider discussion about mental health and well-being. The conversation has rightfully grown in the last five years and more people are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to self-care.

How can a winter getaway improve mental health?

With winter comes darker and colder days in many countries. Known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, these sudden changes can negatively impact our internal body clock. So, a brighter and more tranquil environment is the perfect counter to this annual occurrence.

The thought of the sea and a new environment immediately welcomes feelings of calm. This influence is perfect for reducing stress and anxiety. In fact, it is said that the sound of waves has a positive effect on brain-wave patterns, increasing a feeling of well-being.

The Algarve is a beautiful place to consider when we think about wellness. Nature walks, cycling trails, and spas are all popular activities, especially later in the year. At SandyBlue, we also offer a range of in-villa services like massages, chefs and personal trainers so that guests can work on the mind and the body from the comfort of their rental property.

Longer stays and workations in the winter months

Longer-term rentals and ‘workations’ have definitely contributed to the rise in winter getaways. As the new year approaches, many people are working through the last of their projects and dreaming of a Christmas break.

More professionals are choosing this time of year to work from a new destination, to help with end-of-year productivity. Another fun fact is that the colour blue is known to spark creativity. While the weather is milder at this time of year, there is likely to be more blue sky to enjoy.

Longer-term rentals are also a popular choice. Guests wishing to stay for more than a month are able to spread out their holiday wish-lists and spend more time relaxing in between activities. The longer stays service from SandyBlue has seen increasing demand, though enquiries are definitely more frequent from September onwards.

Offering a calming getaway all year round

No matter the time of year, we believe the Algarve is a fantastic choice for those looking for a peaceful escape to switch off. Even when it’s time to try exciting activities, there is something for everyone. As we march towards Christmas, we look forward to welcoming guests who are visiting the Algarve this winter.

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