Why use a fee-only financial adviser

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Before you proceed with investing your capital, whether this is an investment portfolio or your retirement fund, you should consider how the financial advisory firm is remunerated. Many European financial advisory firms are remunerated by lucrative and handsome commission. Investment commission are received from the financial institutions, normally 7% or more of the capital sum invested. These commissions are recovered via charges from your capital, often 2% or more annually, and sometimes with additional hidden costs and disbursements. Furthermore, many investment products will carry a redemption penalty if a withdrawal of capital is executed during the first 10 years.

At Private Fund Management, we do not recommend commission-paying products or receive commissions from third party financial institutions. We are a fee only financial and tax advisory firm, remunerated by fees for the services rendered.

Our fees can either be charged on a fixed basis or at our hourly rate. By using a fee charging financial advisory firm, one can be assured of transparent charging and independent advice, with recommendations that are honest and pertinent to your financial affairs.

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