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Why tourists are choosing the Algarve for summer 2023

The rush for summer bookings has begun, with many tourists considering the Algarve as their summer destination this year.

The Algarve has already had plenty of positive attention, winning Europe’s best beach destination at the World Tourism Awards.

Travel is once again evolving. Even as the pandemic began to subside, tourists still hesitated to really branch out and explore new destinations. Now, it seems confidence has been fully restored. At this time of year, many families will be planning and securing their summer getaway. Here’s why the Algarve is a perfect choice!

A focus on family

For many, safety is still a number one priority when it comes to holidays. The Algarve puts much focus into this, ensuring people feel safe and happy when they visit. The response throughout the Covid-19 pandemic demonstrates this. In particular, the ‘Clean & Safe’ act was an award-winning initiative.

Looking at SandyBlue’s owner properties, lots of work goes into making these family-friendly. From pool fence installations to plug socket covers, simple changes with our owner partners give the guests total peace of mind.

As with any destination, tourists can take simple steps to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. We always recommend to our guests the best travel links, locations and tips to ensure they have all the knowledge they need.

Perfect for remote working

With the rise of digital nomads and openness to remote working, thousands of people are taking advantage of this new way of working. Portugal is known for its progressive approach to professionals who wish to work remotely, actively encouraging people to visit the country to do so.

As a result, we are seeing many professionals book extended stays with their families. It can be hard to fit a work schedule around the school summer holidays. So, working remotely for two weeks of the stay, followed by two weeks of relaxation and exploration is a popular choice!

An action-packed holiday awaits

Finally, no holiday is complete without a full itinerary of activities. While many people choose relaxation, we do encourage our guests to explore with informative location guides. There are so many activities that cater to different groups. World-famous golf courses, watersports, wine-tasting, delicious restaurants … the list is endless.

The purpose of a holiday is to leave fulfilled. The more you see and do, the more memories you will have to look back on. Quite simply, the Algarve is perfect for this. Our reservations team is busy with daily enquiries, which shows just how in demand the Algarve continues to be. We implore all tourists who have not yet chosen their 2023 destination to consider the Algarve. Furthermore, it’s a perfect time for villa owners to consider listing their properties – just in time for the summer rush!

By Joe Mountain
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Joe Mountain is founder of Algarve villa rental specialists SandyBlue.
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