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Why the Algarve is a great choice for remote workers

Remote working continues to dominate in many professional industries. From digital nomads to writers, more and more people are choosing to work on their own terms.

Even more promising is that many of these people are branching out from their own cities and experiencing work from a new location.

The Algarve is fast becoming a popular choice for these people. This presents a fantastic opportunity to property owners here, as they can latch onto these trends and prepare their property accordingly. At SandyBlue, we have been making small suggestions that will help attract remote workers.

The current remote working trends

In the past year, we have heard quite a few buzzwords around the remote working topic. First of all, we had the ‘workation’. Workers who were able to work 100% remotely were choosing to do so in a different location. They could switch off after a busy day and enjoy what the Algarve has to offer. With some guests choosing to stay for more than four weeks, it really was a great opportunity for Algarve property owners.

‘Bleisure’ travel, where one mixes business with travel, is also becoming popular due to a rise in remote workers. Research shows that a majority of ‘bleisure’ travellers stay at the same place for both the business and leisure portions of their stay.

The benefits for remote workers and property owners

It is worth noting that, in 2021, Portugal passed a law that prevents employers from contacting staff outside of working hours. Already, this tells us that Portugal is certainly progressive when it comes to working remotely.

Therefore, workers can reap the benefits of this. There is nothing better for productivity and creativity then a new environment filled with sunshine, blue skies and sandy beaches. This will definitely be reflected in their work as it will be a huge boost for their work-life balance. Furthermore, with UK workers, there will be no issues with time zones, meaning that they won’t have to shift their work hours to accommodate this.

As mentioned, these travellers tend to stay at the same place for work and holidays. Owners are, therefore, guaranteed a steady stream of rental income. Even better, the familiarity of a location resonates with working people and a good experience will likely see them return again. This pool of repeat customers cannot be ignored.

What other new trends will we see in 2023?

While the year is young, it is exciting to see so many opportunities for better tourism in the Algarve. We believe this will be the year that it reaches new heights as a travel, or remote working, destination.

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